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October 02, 2012

Letter from the South Pacific

Hi Win.

We just passed through Pohnpei again where we picked up the Hydranet genoa that you made in 2005 and i thought i would update you. In 2005 we left there and went back to the Sopac and then to Australia continuing on to Tasmania for a year and a half. From there we came back up the east coast of OZ, through PNG and ended up in Palau for five years where we did tons of diving but little sailing. Palau is one of the rainiest place on earth and hot. Everything grows a layer of green mold [even teak rots]. The Hydranet came through with very little mold problems even though it spent most of the time rolled up. We left Palau this last july and went about 2500 miles east just north of the equator in mostly 5-10k breeze with a few squalls.

The jib still has a great shape and the only thing wrong with it is the spreader patches have disintegrated. The UV cover put on with Tenara thread is still fine. Once we got to 170E and the equator we made a right turn and headed for Vanuatu and New Caledonia hard on the wind in the trades for 1200 miles.

We had North New Zealand build us a tri radial spectra staysail in 2002 and on the the leg to Vanuatu it totally delaminated much like the main they built us. We dragged out the staysail you built us at Shore sails out of CL90 and put that back in use. It is a bit baggier than new and the 1/4" welded tack ring disintegrated but it is still hanging in there.

We are off to NZ for a much need refit and are putting the boat on the market (http://sites.google.com/site/svdancerabeking/) as we would like to trade up to a big cat to better carry our dive equipment and skiff. Hope all is well with you. All the best.


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